The are various ways that you can sell a car in Kenya, some car dealer and sellers use social media platform to reach out to buyers in Kenya while others sell their cars though platforms such as Magari Tele Kenya, Cheki, Kenya Car Bazar and others.

Social media platforms such as Facebook has become the market place for selling cars in Kenya. Groups and web pages have been created to link car sellers and buyer. You are only required to upload several pictures of the car you are selling, make, model, milage, YOM and size oof engine. Car seller’s decision to buy or not is guided by the information provided by car seller.

Many websites have been developed to help car sellers in Kenya reach car buyers in Kenya and outside the country. Website are more useful as they provide robust serach engines and tend to verify sellers credibility. Some website provide rating and reporting feature to detect and block rog car sellecrs in Kenya from robbing buyers.