Whether you are looking for a new car, scaling down to a small car, or your lifestyle has changed, the transport needs at some instance you will need to sell a car in Kenya.

You will most likely need to maximize your returns as you will be using your money to buy spare parts.

Six Top Tips for Selling Car in Kenya

Before you draft an advert, you can do the following to attract car buyers across Kenya. Below are tips to guide you on preparing the car for sale in Kenya:

1. Get the price right – You do not need to undersell or oversell your car. Before creating an ad or posting your car for sale, use the internet to search for similar models on various car-selling websites. Look for a vehicle of the same or almost the same age and mileage. You will get a rough idea of the price of your car. Gather your paperwork – Make sure you have all relevant documents. Here is the checklist:

a.     Logbook

b.     Service nook

c.      Manual

d.     Invoices for work done or spare purchase.

    2. Inspect your car – Potential buyers may want to test drive your vehicle to assert it works fine. You may want to take your vehicle to an independent professional mechanic for a professional inspection. You will be able to identify any problem and fix it; otherwise, you will sell for less.

However, you need to determine the cost of maintenance or repair to know how much value they add to your car.

3. Detail it – Your car is worth more if the buyer thinks its previous owner took good care of the vehicle. For example, you may be able to negotiate price if your car is clean rather than when it is duty. Clean interior makes sure interior is fresh, clean scent, this will leave a good impression.

4. Decide How to Sell- You can sell your car. First, decide whether you want to sell to a dealer, private buyer, or third-party service. Selling to a dealer takes a concise period but earn you less money; selling your car online requires more effort but could make you more money;

Selling to a private party may earn you more money, unlike selling to a dealer. Please don’t place a very high price tag on your car; it may take  long to sell that when you place aa fair price.

5.Craft Your AD – Now, you can craft your AD. Write a compelling description of your car. Remember that your car will be competing with hundreds of other vehicles for attention. Distinguish yourself with the snappy headlines, high-quality photos, and a detailed summary. If you are unsure where to start, start with mileage or condition.